Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Titles...Chicken or Egg?

I've been thinking about titles lately.  When do you title?  Before the book is written or after?  (Get it?  Chicken or Egg?)

With my novel, the title was one of the first things that came to me.  Though lately I've been considering using that as the title of the series and renaming my first novel.  I haven't even outlined my second but I'm already considering titles for that one as well (I have done some minor brainstorming though).

I have my short story written except for the VERY end.  Seriously, I'm literally lines away from finishing.  I just can't quite figure it out.  But I have no title.  I thought I would come up with something by the time I was done with the first draft but I've had no such luck.  Maybe the second draft will provide some inspiration.  Maybe...

I've been noticing titles of TV show episodes for years now.  The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are the ones that stick with me the most.  Episodes of Two and a Half Men are usually a line from the show which make no sense until you see the episode.  Big Bang episode titles are usually scientific wit.

I actually thought about titling this blog post "The Titular Quandry" in honor of Big Bang.  But, the Chicken or Egg thing made me laugh so I went with that.  What?  You didn't laugh?  That's ok.  I'm sure I laughed enough for all of us :-)

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  1. I think I've always titled last, probably because I'm focused on the actual writing of the story or the poem. The title is the least of my worries, until the end of course. Then there's more work with coming up with the perfect name!