Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Temptation in the Form of a Writing Competition

So, I got an email the other day from Writer's Digest about their annual writing competition.  Immediately I began plotting a story in my head.  However, I am wavering on whether or not to enter.  I barely have time to revise the novel I have written.  Now I'm considering using what little spare time I have on another story?

But, contest beckons me...

IF I enter it will be in the Genre Short Story category.  This category has a maximum of 4000 words.  I could do that in my sleep (perhaps literally).

The story I have concocted is actually a prequel to my novel.  My main character is a minor character in my novel.  This short story will be his backstory.

The "story" part is cheesecake.  The "short" part may pose a problem.  I'm not sure I can successfully write an entire paranormal romance story in less than 4000 words.

We shall see.

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